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Dental implants can restore normal eating habits providing better health and lead to an overall improved appearance.
Dental Implants Little Rock

Research and documented scientific studies have proven the effectiveness and long lasting results of implants. You can rely on your new teeth to look, feel and function like natural teeth for years to come.

Dental Implants Little Rock internationally

Dr. Strong is an international lecturer and instructor of implant techniques and procedures. He has been the featured speaker at several implant international symposiums. He has published numerous articles in dental journals and has delivered over 1000 lectures on implants and cosmetic dentistry. Dental Implants Little Rock From Dr.Strong also has his Fellowship and Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. This is achieved only after extensive experience and testing. Dentists from all parts of the country travel to Dental Implants Little Rock to hear him speak on dental implant techniques.

Since 1990, Dr. Strong has replaced and restored over 600 teeth with dental implants. His experience and success in this area have made him a recognized authority among his peers in implant dentistry.

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Can I speak with other patients who have had this procedure?
Yes. Following a comprehensive examination by Dr. Strong and recommendations for treatment have been customized to your individual condition, you can speak directly with some of our patients who have had similar treatment. We are proud of our results and are happy to let our patients share their positive experiences with you.

Patient Testimonial

“I love my implants. They feel like my own teeth.

Thanks to Dr. Strong and his staff for the great work!”